Sex and Marijuana: Studies Show Have More Sex if you use marijuana

Study Shows Marijuana Users Have More Sex

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Need even more reasons to love marijuana? How about an increased sex life? According to the Business Insider, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows a link between regular marijuana use and the frequency of sexual intercourse. After analysis of research conducted on 50,000 heterosexual Americans aged …

Top 8 Cannabis Recipes for Homemade Edibles

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If you’re a fan of weed and food, then finding new recipes for marijuana edibles should be right up your alley. While edibles are widely available for purchase at dispensaries, by knowing the basics, you too can create your own tasty inventions that will always hit the spot–no matter the …

Common Marijuana Questions

Your Common Questions About Legalized Weed Answered

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Now that California is a totally legalized state, there’s a lot of education surrounding the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” that many new users need to know. Below, we’ve highlighted the top common questions to help all users, new and old alike, get better acquainted with newly legalized …

10 Movies to Watch When High

Top 10 Movies to Watch While Stoned

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Looking to veg out on the couch? Then look to these movies for a stoner good time. An oft-quoted stoner flick featuring a case of mistaken identity. Starring Jeff Bridges as ‘The Dude’, this Coen Brothers production features memorable one-liners and hallucination scenes. It’s a trip worth taking.    Starring …

Stigma of Marijuana

Help Remove The Stigma of Marijuana With Facts

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The legalization of pot, both recreational and medical, is still a rather new and divisive point of contention for the country. While some states are fully embracing 100% legalization, some states are still vehemently against legalization of any sort and even looking to further politicize the issue. And somewhere in …

High Activities for Maximum Fun in Newport Beach

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Getting high can mean so much more than just hanging out on the couch – especially if you’re lucky enough to be at Newport Beach! There’s a plethora of FUN activities to partake in at this southern California dream locale. And when you find yourself in an euphoric state of …